Live an Intentional and Love-Filled Life

By cultivating a fulfilling relationship with yourself.

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Are you tired of faking happiness?

Now it’s the time for you to feel happy, to enjoy meaningful relationships, and to live authentically.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to truly feel happy and understand how to live your life fulfilled?

It’s time for you to stop checking off the boxes and live your life true to you and your values.

My Happy Clients!

Kindness is the most important factor I looked for when I first met Tiffany. My experience with her has been phenomenal. Tiffany motivates me to push further with my future plan. She, besides my parents, is one of my biggest supporters. I know now that I can still come to her for advice if needed.
Markeith Williams Jr.

Markeith Williams Jr.

Aspiring Actor

Tiffany was able to help guide me through a difficult period in my career. In a world where we are always beating ourselves up, she brings to light truths within us that seem to escape us – while we’re busy wallowing around in muck. I would definitely recommend Tiffany. She is a little ball of energy that helps you redirect your own energy towards the path you seek.


Marytza Loiseau

Pharmacy Manager
Tiffany is a kind and caring coach. She works from the heart with practical tools to help change your life for the better. After two calls with Tiffany, I felt the mystery and uncertainty behind meditation was lifted. I’ve noticed tangible results like more patience for my kids, more energy, less worry and calmer breathe, and even more acceptance of myself. Tiffany is a wise leader and mentor. She’s an excellent listener and can show you what you might have been missing on your own in a safe and accepting environment. Thank you,Tiffany. Awareness is such a gift and you shine your light in the world so brightly!

Jennifer Garcia

Best Resume Coach


Spiritual life coach. Doctor of Pharmacy. Your truth-telling BFF!

Just like you, I was living a life on the faulty foundation of quiet desperation despite how perfect it looked from the outside.
Until the day I decided to face my raw and honest truth.

It was frightening and it hasn’t been easy. But the authentic smile on the other side was worth fighting for.

If you’re here, you’re smart enough to know on a soul-deep level that something isn’t right. Your truth will set you free but you’re afraid to face it. Good news: You don’t have to go through the journey alone.

It took me years to find my truth and feel the inner peace that follows.

Now, I want to help you find yours.

Courage, self awareness, and commitment to living your truth are bridges to inner peace and happiness.