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You’ve achieved “success”‘…so why are you still unhappy?

If you’re like most of the people I’ve worked with, you may have found yourself surprised at how unhappy you feel, even after reaching what society calls “success”.

Here’s the thing: Successful doesn’t mean happy.

We’ve seen this with top business executives and celebrities who should have it all, who end up hating their lives and even ending them.

Are you yearning for more out of life?

If the idea of spending the rest of your life going to work each morning and paying bills (while not disappointing your family and friends) as your life slips by you makes you cringe, maybe it’s time to go deeper.

If you’re like many of my clients, you’ve spent your evenings:

  • Mindlessly scrolling on phones

  • Overeating or skipping meals because you’re working too late

  • Bing watching Netflix

  • Having an extra glass of wine (or two or three) at night

  • Trying to fill an inner emptiness…

And…doing it all again the very next day.

If this sounds familiar, you deserve a life that you love. A life that energizes you. A life that fills you with peaceful contentment and happiness.

You’re a sensitive high achiever, you want and deserve both success AND happiness. And you can have it all. You just need to learn to tap into your inner self.


That’s where I come in. As your spiritual life coach, I’m brutally honest, call you out on your bullshit, and cheer you on when you discover your heart of gold. The heart of gold that you’ve always had.

If you’re ready to start delving into the deeper mystery and meaning of your life but aren’t seeking to attain some level of enlightenment with a guru, we might be a fit.

No, you don’t need to quit your job, become a wandering yogi (yes, my own spiritual teacher is an actual wandering yogi…), or even completely change your lifestyle. 

Your soul is starving for meaning. As a spiritual coach, I can guide you to find what your soul has been craving. And I’ll help you do it in a straightforward, no BS way. Be prepared to dive into openness and total honesty, and to show up for your own potential.

Time to take action for your own happiness. Take the first step and schedule your complimentary roadmap call with me. Let’s find out your happy life blueprint and map out your path on how to get there. You’ll leave our call with more clarity and an outline of next steps that you can implement right away.

Overview of how it works:

The Quick & Dirty Path to Self-Discovery 

My unique process that blends Buddhist principles with practical action steps.

1. Schedule your free happiness roadmap call

In 30 minutes, let’s find out your happy life blueprint and map out your path on how to get there. 

2. Get personal specific coaching

Weekly, 1-on-1 video-conference coaching calls plus V.I.P. priority email access for extra, totally customized support for your journey to true happiness.

3. Live your authentic, joyful life

Put your new practical tools to work and shine on. Watch your transformation unfold and experience the joy and happiness. 

Tiffany’s coaching style

Honest, practical guidance with a splash of sass.

A no-nonsense approach that may include salty language and a high expectation for action takers. Be prepared to dive into openness and total honesty, and to show up for your own potential.

No Mumbo Jumbo.

Let’s skip the confusing spiritual language that doesn’t serve your personal growth. I believe in words that resonate and say it like it is – no apologies.

No elaborate rituals.

Designed to fit your busy schedule. Don’t spend hours meditating or manifesting other people’s dreams! This is a quick & dirty path to spiritual awareness.

I’ve been where you are.

I was miserable. Everything on the outside looked great: I had a successful career as a pharmacist, but inside I was broken and could not find joy.

I decided to begin my search for a deeper meaning – for what was missing from my life. I can honestly say that I have found more compassion, joy and happiness from inner peace in the process of finding my true self.

Now, I want to help you find yours.

Read what people are saying:

Kindness is the most important factor I looked for when I first met Tiffany. My experience with her has been phenomenal. Tiffany motivates me to push further with my future plan. She, besides my parents, is one of my biggest supporters. I know now that I can still come to her for advice if needed.

Markeith Williams Jr.

Aspiring Actor

Tiffany helped me for one hour to find peace and it felt very good. We went together through what gives me the more stress in my life right now. She said it will be like a conversation with a good friend and it was. All her ideas, feedback, tricks to stay grounded, were very helpful. She brought enthusiasm, logic and realism to the conversation. I felt more secure in moving on with my decisions after talking with Tiffany. Emma Medina-Castrejon


When we just started interacting I was a mess: low self-esteem developed over years of difficult relationships with parents, amplified by recent break-up and academic issues. Through interactions and dialogue, I gradually was able to dig through my self-esteem issues.  Compared to how I was then, I am in a much better state.

Sergiy Kolo

Software Developer

Are you feeling dead inside? Numbing out the pain with wine (or beers) and Netflix?

I can help you if you’re feeling/experiencing:

  • Burnt out
  • Stressed
  • Dead inside
  • Lack of focus
  • Lost
  • Dead-end work and relationships
  • Unfulfilled
  • Guilt-ridden
  • Disappointed
  • Low self-worth
  • Angry

Start experiencing the true happiness with the Quick & Dirty Path to Self-Discovery.

While working together, you will learn to:

  • Get in touch with simple joys and happiness
  • Discover your sense of purpose
  • Connect your heart and mind
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Experience authentic relationships
  • Forgive yourself
  • Recognize self-worth
  • Appreciate life’s wonders
  • Gain clarity
  • Discover inner peace
  • Empower yourself
  • Recognize your meaningful impact

Take the first step and schedule your happiness roadmap call!

In the short call, you can have clarity on what’s holding you back and map out your path to your happiness.

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