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10 meaningful ways to spend Valentine’s without buying a gift

Will you be happy buying or getting flowers? What about chocolates? What about expensive jewelry? Is that the point of Valentine’s Day?

What if you can spend Valentine’s Day feeling the love deeply, wouldn’t that be more satisfying? Even better, it doesn’t require saving your paycheck for it.

1. Be present

The most precious gift you can give your loved one, or yourself is your presence. We’ve all been there, spending time with family and friends but our mind is somewhere else. Once the occasion is gone, we can barely recall what happened and we regret the time lost. Be in the moment. You can feel it and your loved one can feel it too.

2. Deep listening

Everyone just wants to be heard and understood, especially by our loved one. How many times have you been in a conversation but you haven’t been listening? How many times have you been annoyed when you have to keep asking “Are you listening?”? Be there for your loved one, or yourself. Give them your full attention.

3. Heart-to-heart conversations

Doesn’t it feel good when you meet your best friend and you keep chatting, even about nothing at all and time just flies by? Why not make time for those conversations? The satisfaction and happiness are 100% guaranteed.

4. Heartfelt hugs and kisses

Everyone can appreciate a tight hug, caring kisses, physical affection. When you hug, hug with your full heart. When you kiss, kiss with your feelings. Being affectionate makes both you and your loved one feel warm inside.

5. Cook a meal together

Nobody wants to slave away in the kitchen to serve up a dish. Instead of waiting in line in a noisy restaurant, why not cook a meal together? Time goes by faster, and the joy of making something together is immeasurable. It doesn’t to be 3-courses meal or a complicated dish. It just has to be done together.

6. Enjoy a meal together

Food always tastes better in good company. You metabolize food better too. Savor the flavor, enjoy the company, feel the bond deepened.

7. Share laughter

Laughter is the best medicine. I’m sure laughter is better than bitter chocolate. Make a joke, tell a funny story, laugh and hear each other’s laugh. Isn’t your day better already?

8. Recount favorite memories

Everyone has favorite memories. If you’ve just started dating, you still have fond memories of your life that you can share, right? Sharing our life stories bring us closer together, in a happy and meaningful way.

9. Write a love letter

It can be cheesy, it can be funny, it can be both. Most of all, it has to be genuine. Whether it’s 3 sentences or a page, you feel the thrill and the nervousness of expressing your feelings in a creative way. Your letter receiver will feel delightful.

10. Play a game

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate game, or even technical impressive like virtual reality. The point of playing a game is to have fun together. Pick a game you both enjoy, poker, puzzle, table game, etc. It doesn’t matter, fun memories made will be the best prize of all that everyone wins.

BONUS: Every day can be Valentines’ Day. If you spend each day mindfully with your loved ones, relationships will deepen.

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Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

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