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5 things to enjoy during COVID-19 quarantine

COVID-19 is a pandemic and most countries implement stay-at-home orders. We all know social distancing is a responsible thing to do. I’m not going to bore you with the recommended methods to flatten the curve. Staying at home all day can be boring or a drag as time goes on. When you’re tired of Netflix binge, here are 5 things to enjoy at home for lifelong learners. 

1) Learn a new skill from famous universities and colleges for FREE at You can opt to get a certificate but as lifelong learner, I’m sure we’re more interested in the knowledge and the skills. Imagine going to Harvard or Yale without the hefty price tag of private university. I’d highly recommend “The Science of Well-being” by Yale University. It is packed with data, researches, findings across decades to crack the code of happiness. 

2) Learn a new hobby or improve your skills from low-cost courses on From increasing confidence to martial art, or drawing or divination, anything you want to learn, there is a course for it. You can read reviews and try anything new that interests you. 

3) Listen to a meditation master on how to deal with anxiety and stress. A global pandemic is a sure way to increase everyone’s anxiety level. Good old YouTube is full of videos and livestreams and can easily lead you down to the rabbit hole from TED Talks to video of dolphins. But it is a great resource to listen to inspirational speech, credible sources, and famous people. My teacher has gone livestream to teach public about living with distress and transforming anxiety. You can watch it here If he’s not your style, you can also find Eckhart Tolle, Thich Nhat Hanh, Kyle Cease, anyone you admire on there. 

4) Improve your meditation habit or relax to sleep. If you don’t have a meditation habit but want to try meditation, there are a variety of free apps that you can try such as Calm, Headspace, and Inscape. You can set timer, music background or even follow a guided meditation. Calm app also has the cool feature of sleep stories designed to relax you and lure you to sleep. When chamomile tea isn’t quite working, give it a try. 

5) Enjoy your creative side, let your inner child loose. With the loss of commute time, you can use this extra time to relax and just enjoy your hobbies. Do you enjoy gardening? Doodling? Writing? Coloring? When you’re overstimulated by all the media, turn off the screens and have fun with your imagination and creative expressions. Maybe order a diamond or scratch painting? Maybe put together a big puzzle? Maybe construct the next Lego castle? If you don’t have internet or technology, what do you enjoy? 

As a lifelong learner, I find that I have forgotten life is overflowed with joyful things. I have forgotten how much I enjoyed writing, coloring, reading, listening and dancing to a favorite song. While I am not in quarantine since I work in pharmacy, life seems to be slower, and I’m reminded about beautiful aspects of myself. Enjoy yourself. You’ll find that you can smile in this difficult time with quite simple things too. 

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Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

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