Ready to feel happy from the inside out?

I work with high achievers who are tired of faking happiness in their life.

Despite everything looking good on the outside, you’re falling apart on the inside and don’t understand why. You’re going through the motions and constantly seeking something to complete you.

Maybe it’s a new outfit.

Maybe it’s a promotion to raise your values.

Maybe it’s binging on Netflix to numb your pain and your brain.

Maybe it’s a relationship because hey, a perfect partner can complete you.

Maybe it’s all of the above and yet, you feel so lonely and yet you’re ashamed for feeling this way.

Through our work together, you will learn the framework so that you rid yourself of pretending to be someone you’re not, no more people-pleasing, and live a life that is true to who you are.

I’m Tiffany Nguyen, spiritual life coach, speaker, pharmacist, and your new truth-telling BFF!

I’m passionate about helping high achievers, like you, find happiness from inner peace and live authentically. 

Your relationship feels empty. Your job is unfulfilling. Or you wake up at 30 or 40 and realize that every decision you’ve ever made was made to fit inside the box of your family’s expectations and that every decision you didn’t make was to stay inside the box of your mother’s fears or your husband’s disdain, or your sister’s jealousy.

You crave happiness, and joy or anything remotely similar to the fake smiles you put on. 

You seek out to achieve more accomplishments to fill up the void. And yet, you wonder if it’s possible to find happiness and fulfillment the way your life is currently structured, if the only thing you can do is to seek out a guru at the top of Himalaya. 

 I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to find your happiness right where you are. You don’t have to shave your head and become a yogi. You can have inner peace and still be a high achiever with goals and dreams. 

 When you face the truth of who you are, you have clarity and delight. It all starts with you and how you perceive the world and yourself. 

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

 You’ve been grown accustomed to the notion that you need more, be more, do more. You’ve done all the things and yet, you feel empty. Time to change it up. You do NOT need to be more, to do more. 

You are enough. 

Being confident in your own self-worth brings immeasurable satisfaction. You never have to question whether you’re worthy of love or happiness or anything good. Because you totally are. 

 Being happy living true to who you are isn’t only good for you, it can transform others around you and the world at large.

The world doesn’t need another cookie cutter high performer. The world needs you and your unique gifts.

I’m your guide to tune into your beliefs and fears, your wishes and dreams. I help you get out of your vicious thought cycles, point out your thought pattern and rework your thought process. 

I’m the blunt coach that won’t let you run from your truth. I believe true peace comes from the inside. And you deserve to be at peace with yourself and live a happy life. 

By combining my personal experience, the tangible Doctor of Pharmacy analytical brain and my intuitive spiritual side, I bring a unique approach to your self-transformation journey.

I’ve been where you are. I was living a life on a faulty foundation of quiet desperation despite how perfect it looked from the outside.

My own self-transformation was over a decade long. I discovered that despite all my mistakes, I’m worthy of my love. I’m here to help you recognize the same truth about yourself, in less time. 

Who wants to struggle for a decade, right? With guidance and support, your self-transformation can be accelerated exponentially. It’s like having a compass to map out your own inner world.

During our coaching time together, we get to both the tangible of where you are right now and what you can do and the intangible vague feeling of lost, the pressure of chasing the next thing, and the loneliness in relationships.

No matter what mistakes you’ve made, or how you’re feeling about your life, you deserve more. You deserve to feel at peace with yourself, the unshakeable center that you can always return to for inner peace despite the chaos of daily life. 

From inner peace come clarity and happiness. 

Your joy radiates and your connections with others will deepen. Your happiness will in turn inspire others and will impact the world positively.

Happiness, real, deep, personal happiness is possible for you and for everyone.  My unique blend of skill sets teaches you how to create that in your own life.


Where did it all begin?

Ever being the action-driven optimist, I was well on my way to becoming a doctor of pharmacy, and I was in a stable relationship. Everything looked great on the outside, and yet inside, I was lonely and broken. How did I get here? Let’s dial back to the beginning.


I immigrated to the U.S when I was 16 by myself to build a better life. It didn’t matter that I had never traveled outside of my birthplace before or that I didn’t know English. After all, the U.S is the dreamland of opportunity so everything would be great, right? But wouldn’t I know, that the harsh reality of being alone in the foreign country would come crashing down on me – and hard.


Coupled with my greatest fear of loneliness, I was living in a deep depression in no time. I struggled to make it through the days, and I got involved in toxic relationships with others just to avoid the pain of being alone. Before long, I hated myself – and my life. Still, as life got better, loneliness continued to stalk me like a plague. So I shut myself off and only focused on my career.


Despite my success, I didn’t feel happy or content or even see how beautiful life is.

Tired of chasing the next thing and feeling lost, I decided to look within. What I discovered is that I would always feel lonely if I walked around wearing a mask. Because no one, no man, no boss, no friend, could fully love or understand me as long as I was keeping my true self and my true desires hidden.


I became a student of Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, highly regarded teacher and master of the Karma Kagyu and Nyingma lineages of Tibetan Buddhism and took a deep dive into Buddhist philosophy. It’s deepening my appreciation for life.


By living my truth, I inspire others to start their own transformation.

This way of living is possible for everyone, wherever you are.

I want you to know all of those things too.

I want to live in a world where people live true to who they are.

A world where peace is long lasting because everyone is content.

Every day, I guide amazing people like you to your truest, juiciest self, and a life-changing sense of peace. And I am living proof.

To learn more about the Live Life On Your Terms Framework and how it can transform your life, click here.


Praises from happy clients:

Tiffany is very easy to talk with and has a direct and honest approach which is essential for me. I would say my biggest challenge was having to divulge my inner most personal issues, it is hard to do but Tiffany made that a smooth transition. She helps me learn to actually look at things differently and not being so narrow minded. My experience with Tiffany has been very positive and uplifting learning experience. Now, I am able to process things with a clearer view and coping with past issues has been much better.

Catalina Pulecio

Pharmacy Manager

I have gained so much in just one talk with Tram. As an introvert, to find someone who truly listens and is able to articulate conflicts and emotions within you that even you yourself have trouble understanding, is a rarity.
She was able to help guide me through a difficult period in my career. In a world where we are always beating ourselves up, she brings to light truths within us that seem to escape us while we’re busy wallowing around in muck. We have the capacity to do so many great things when armed with the right tools. Sometimes those tools are lying dormant inside you just waiting for a GOOD TALK to help bring them into focus.

I would definitely recommend a talking session with Tram. She is a little ball of energy that helps you redirect your own energy towards the path you seek.

Marytza Loiseau

Pharmacy Manager


Tiffany Nguyen is a spiritual life coach who helps busy professionals and sensitive, high-achievers reconnect with their truths and live authentically. She combines practicality and spiritual wisdom to guide people towards clarity and confidence in who they are, leading them to inner peace and happiness.

She created the Happiness Blueprint to illustrate how people can build a fulfilling life for themselves. Tiffany holds a Doctor of Pharmacy and is a student of Tibetan Meditation Master, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Her articles have appeared in Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, Purpose Fairy and McGill Media. She’s also been featured on the spiritual podcasts, Unfuck Your Mind and Soul Roadmap.

Aside from her works, she has an undying love for dogs, chocolate cake, and Tarot. 


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