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Make time, not waste time

Relationships are undoubtedly important in our lives, if not the most important. Relationships need time and your presence. There’s no other way around it. When modern life has more technological advances and conveniences, everyone is online but isolated. Everything is connected but people are getting lonelier. Calls and messages can only nourish relationships so far. They can never replace …

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True Love In Real Life

True love is often viewed as the Holy Grail of wishes, the dream come true, the fairy tale ending. Because it is rare, it’s almost considered to be an idealistic scenario instead of reality. The high divorce rate doesn’t help our rational brain to believe in true love. True love might sound like a nice …

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Change is good

We’re naturally afraid of changes and we resist anything changing in our life. We don’t want to grow old, we don’t want relationships to end, we don’t want to face Monday blue. Despite our reluctance, changes are inevitable. While that sounds depressing, changes can be good. Because of impermanence, our hard work today can become …

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