Unlock the key to fulfilling relationships

Achieve intimacy, trust, and love in your relationships.

Back2Basics workshop is a 90 minute recorded masterclass about essential qualities for long lasting fulfilling relationships.

Learn the fundamentals of wholesome relationships for a happier life.

You can’t buy a good relationship but you can learn to have one. This workshop covers the Venerable Triad™ of qualities of a meaningful relationship AND how to develop such a relationship and apply to any other area in your life.

#1 Get Back To Basics

Learn the 3 most essential qualities (the Venerable Triad™) for long lasting fulfilling relationships. Get back in touch with what really matters for the cornerstone relationships in your life.

#2 Is Your Relationship a Healthy One?

Do you have all the important qualities in your relationships? Assess the health of your relationships with this workshop and the accompanying checklist.

#3 Get On The Right Track For Long Lasting, Fullfilling Relationships.

It's time to stop settling. Learn a versatile framework for nourishing relationships and transforming other areas of your life with Back2Basics workshop.

For less than a fancy dinner date, get the foundation that you can build your lifelong connections on!

 This Back2Basics workshop is only $27!

What You'll Get

Lifetime access to the recorded Back2Basics workshop

Downloadable accompanying workbook

Relationship Assessment included in the workbook

You deserve a better relationship