Understand yourself and your patterns in relationship to love better and more deeply and have meaningful relationships

In this fast-paced era, people don’t want to waste time and effort to develop a relationship yet almost everyone suffers from loneliness …

flower in hands

Will you be happy buying or getting flowers? What about chocolates? What about expensive jewelry? Is that the point of Valentine’s Day? …

Breakup can be the turning point for us to learn how to love

Breakup is a trigger for us to take a good look at who we are. We can reflect and discover our patterns in relationship, who we attract, and how we behave. 

It's undeniable how painful a breakup can be. Pain can be jarring and overwhelming but it's very memorable. We'd no doubt remember the lessons if they're associated with strong feelings. But even painful wounds can be healed. We can recover from the breakup and learn our lessons and better yet implement the wisdom of those lessons to our future. Through pain, we understand relationship and how we love better. As a result, we not only improve our current relationships but also set ourselves up to a healthier and deeper intimate relationship in the future.

With this understanding we can heal our wounds, love better and more deeply in ALL our relationships. We set ourselves up for a much better and balanced intimate relationship next time and improve all our other relationships. 

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