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3xBona Fide Process™️

Where you can BYOB: Be Your Own Bestie

And empower yourself to discover the truth about old patterns and start experiencing authentic and fulfilling love.

This twelve-week private coaching program shines a light on the root of the inherited beliefs that have subconsciously shaped the way you approach intimacy. With mindfulness as our foundation, we’ll combine one-on-one consultations with practical exercises to completely rewire your relationship habits..

  • It’s all too common that a person feels unhappy, but they’re not sure why. Current relationships might even look good on the outside, but feel lonely and miserable to the people involved. 

  • Breakups and divorces can leave us feeling confused, lost, and worse, jaded. You know that mindset is a big deal, but it still feels like you’re missing a key ingredient . . . 

It’s not as simple as thinking your way to a better life.

As a trauma-aware coach I know that wanting the ideal relationship isn’t enough to actually sustain the reality of your ideal relationship. 

Each person has their own history and conditioning, a kind of baggage that was handed to them at an early age by their family and circumstances.

And it takes a trauma-informed professional to get to the bottom of these beliefs so you can change what you want and make your next steps from a place of power.

While I am brutally honest and swear like a sailor I will always work with  you in a way that respects your history and boundaries.

What can you achieve in twelve weeks?

  • Cut through confusion, dissatisfaction, and any other bullsh*t
  • Stop attracting bad relationships and giving your power away
  • Forgive yourself and let go of shame and guilt
  • Upgrade your inner landscape with confidence, courage, and self-love
  • Learn how to attract a relationship that’s not a repeat of the past.

As your private coach, I offer you a synergy of ancient wisdom, practical techniques, and personalized care.


You will receive nine one-on-one coaching sessions over Zoom. These calls will be completely tailored to your current needs and goals. I will look deep into your patterns and help you forge a path toward fulfillment and bliss.

After each call, you’ll walk away brimming with insight and equipped with a simple and effective mindfulness practice. Your action plan will never be prescriptive but is completely personalized to meet you where you are in the moment.

Between sessions, you will be able to reach me over Voxer and email. You can hit me up with off-the-cuff voice recordings or messages and receive prompt and supportive responses when you need them most.

We have three integration weeks baked into our schedule, which are rich with creative projects and meaningful self-care.

Integration weeks are intentionally timed with your progression through the program to crystalize new patterns and maximize your transformation.  

First we’ll focus on letting go of your limiting beliefs. Next, we’ll get your self-love game on point. And during integration week #3, you’ll design your new, bad*ss life. 

These three weeks are the secret to sustaining the change you’ve achieved and shifting the trajectory of your future for good.

IMG_2662 - Trista Ross

“This was a fantastic program, 10 out of 10! You have a keen insight and understanding of the human heart and soul. Before you, I felt like I didn’t truly know myself. I’ve always felt like the real me was trapped inside a box inside my mind, and I didn’t understand how to open the box. Now, I’m understanding who I am better, and my life’s purpose. I feel a greater sense of direction and focus than I ever have before. I’ve gained tools that can continue to help me in my spiritual growth process. Also, I’m getting more in touch with my vulnerable side, which has been terrifying (but definitely worth it!). ” –

Who Am I?

I’m Tiffany Nguyen, spiritual life coach, speaker, pharmacist, and your new truth-telling BFF!

I empower people to discover the best version of themselves and make their ideal life a reality.

As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I have a scientific mind and I only make grounded, real-world recommendations to my clients. If you desire to align with your soul purpose and be uplifted by the relationships in your life, I will pull out all the stops to make sure you get there.

I bridge traditional Buddhist principles with cutting-edge life coaching, but my clients don’t have to be Buddhist to benefit from this wisdom. 

In my own experience, I found that bite-sized, easily implemented mindfulness practices are the most effective tool for getting through the crucible of personal transformation.

My private coaching practice collapses the inner journey timeline, so my clients don’t have to spend a decade or more dragging themselves kicking and screaming through a shot-in-the-dark approach to healing . . . like I once did.

Whether somebody wants to #lethatsh*t go or stop waiting to be rescued and become the hero they’ve been waiting for, I can show them the most direct route for getting there. And how to do oil changes on their “car” so they can sustain the momentum of their growth.

I only work with three clients at a time.

This allows me to give each of them the best guidance possible during their time of accelerated evolution. 

The life-changing benefits of my private coaching program are available to a select few for $2997.

I also offer two payment options: three installments of $1111 or six installments of $597.

But before I’ll let you throw your hard-earned money at me, I want to make sure that we’re a good fit.

This program isn’t available to just anyone. I only accept new clients if I feel confident that they’ll fall in love with my offerings and use them as a launching pad for continued growth.

The first step is to schedule a call

And I promise it’s not a sales call.

We’ll drop in with one another to see if my approach resonates with your goal and make a confident decision about moving forward together.


“Thank you Tiffany for listening. Thank you for understanding and providing me with insights with what’s happening to myself and my relationship.  Thank you for the advice on how I can heal myself and find peace within myself first and foremost. 

Sasha O.



Who are my private coaching services for?

3xBona Fide ProcessTM is ideal
for people who:

  • Crave direct, no-fluff insight and guidance
  • Are open to trying brief and effective mindfulness practices
  • Desire to truly heal and let go of their limiting beliefs
  • Are hell-bent on getting to the root of their issues
  • Can imagine a future that’s exponentially more fulfilling and blissful than anything they’ve experienced before.

I hold a safe and non-judgmental space where my clients can delve deep into their inner work without experiencing the dreaded “vulnerability hangover.”

Spoiler Alert: I’m not a dating coach.

I’m a self-love guide who wants others to have an easier time figuring this stuff out than I did. Instead of telling people how to date, I demystify the root cause of their patterns and walk them through their personal journey of conscious empowerment.

I’m gifted in helping people develop rock-solid self-confidence so that they can attract relationships that serve them and repel the ones that don’t. My clients cultivate unshakable resilience which leads to freedom and sovereignty as they make future choices about the life that they want to live.

One more thing: my bonuses are magical AF.


Is my personal take on the three most powerful mindfulness practices out there. I share them with you in a way that’s not only fast and easy, but immensely enjoyable as well. 


Are TWO tarot readings by yours truly. The first reading will uncover some goosebump-inducing truths about your karma and what you can do to free yourself from it. And YOU get to choose the topic of your second reading!

While most modern day readers tend toward fluffy-woo tarot, I keep it old school with true-blue psychic downloads that will make your hair stand on end . . . in the best way possible.

If you want lasting changes, start from the inside out.

Over the next decade let’s be honest, the rest of your life your health, career and wellness will be largely defined by your relationships. It starts with the relationship you have with yourself, which you’ll see echoed in every person and interaction around you.

What will the impact that radical self-love, fulfilling connections, and alignment with your purpose make on your future? If you want to get a taste of what a quantum shift could look like for you, book a call.

Jennifer Garcia testimonial
Tiffany is a kind and caring coach. She works from the heart with practical tools to help change your life for the better. After two calls with Tiffany, I felt the mystery and uncertainty behind meditation was lifted. I’ve noticed tangible results like more patience for my kids, more energy, less worry and calmer breathe, and even more acceptance of myself. Tiffany is a wise leader and mentor. She’s an excellent listener and can show you what you might have been missing on your own in a safe and accepting environment. Thank you, Tiffany. Awareness is such a gift and you shine your light in the world so brightly!

Jennifer G.


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