Change is good

We’re naturally afraid of changes and we resist anything changing in our life. We don’t want to grow old, we don’t want relationships to end, we don’t want to face Monday blue. Despite our reluctance, changes are inevitable. While that sounds depressing, changes can be good. Because of impermanence, our hard work today can become our success tomorrow. Because of changes, dating can turn into a long term relationship. 

The right question is how we deal with changes. Since it’s fruitless to avoid changes, perhaps it’s best if we can look forward to changes. While it’s no use to try making anything last, we should appreciate it when we have it, whether it’s a job, a relationship, time spent with a loved one, etc. 

I found a poem that beautifully captures change. 

I once heard someone say,
If you don’t change you do not grow,
But I waved the thought away,
For who were they to think they know,
I’d always stayed the same,
A heart that thrived within the cold,
And I had no desire to change,
At least that’s what I had been told,
But deep within my mind,
A thought grew slowly, bit by bit,
Until I felt trapped in my skin,
For it no longer seemed to fit,
There’s a whole world sitting out there,
Changing every single day,
That proves it’s nothing to be scared of,
If you do it the right way,
For a day afraid to turn to night,
Will miss the silver moon,
And a flower that refuses change,
Will never get to bloom,
I had thought I was a thorn bush,
Only good for snagging clothes,
But if you do not dare to change,
You’ll never find out you’re a rose. 
– Erin Hanson – thepoeticunderground

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Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

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