Inner peace in everyday life

We’re looking for happiness and fulfillment in life. We’re constantly chasing for the next big thing to complete us, whether it’s a perfect job, true love, or a grand purpose. We all seek for the missing piece and the longer we’re on the journey, the lonelier we feel. 

The missing piece to fill our void becomes more elusive with time and before long, we’re confused, lost a sense of who we are, and missing our peace. Are we doomed to be the lonely seeker forever?

Perhaps we have been looking in the wrong place. We’ve been busy learning about everything else and forgotten the most important one: ourselves. 

When we’re confused, it’s not easy to understand why we’ve gotten to this place and more important how to get back on track. Just like when we’re lost on the road, we won’t be able to make sense of directions and where we need to go. That’s when we use GPS to guide us to our intended destination.

In life, that GPS tends to be our teachers, our mentors, our role models, or someone to show us where we are and where we should be heading. 

That’s my mission. I was the lonely seeker before, chasing a career and a relationship to feel alive and happy but the void only got bigger, loneliness consumed me more and before I knew it, I had no peace, I lived in a constant state of worries, dissatisfaction, frustration and sadness. After turning inward to reconnect with my truth, I’m no longer seeking. I’m here now to guide others to become healed and whole, the lonely seeker transformed to at-ease hero.

Recently, I was interviewed by Dawn DiMare at A Teaspoon of Healing podcast about the work I do as a spiritual life coach. It was a delightful episode. In 30 minutes, you can listen to the overview of my journey and understand that inner peace is possible for everybody in our hectic daily life.

For quick reference, below is the show notes:

  • [1:20] My journey to become a spiritual life coach, due to my own awakening and my breakup 
  • [5:20] Why rejection, breakups, and loss can lead to better paths
  • [9:00] What is inner peace, and how can people find it for themselves?
  • [11:45] How can people find inner peace in a chaotic and uncertain world?
  • [17:24] The power of being present
  • [19:45] Why changing our thought patterns can change our lives
  • [26:00] How to remain kind while drawing boundaries

Dawn DiMare is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and the host of A Teaspoon of Healing. To find out about her podcast and her work, please visit her at https://www.teaspoonofhealing.com

Enjoy the podcast and I hope you get some gold nuggets out of it.

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Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

Spiritual life coach, doctor of pharmacy, your truth telling BFF. Guiding others to reconnect and live their truths with practical and intuitive approach. Eternal weak spot for dogs and Tarot.

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