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Joy is essential in your life

Does your life have joy? Of course, everybody’s life has some amount of joy, even it’s as fleeting as a passing cloud. 

Do you do anything for joy? Do you actively seek out joy? In today fast-paced life, do we possibly have any time for seemingly unproductive activity just for joy?

We do. We naturally seek out joy, either consciously or subconsciously. 

Why do we choose to wear one thing over another? Why do we choose to eat one thing over another? Why do we choose one movie over another? Because we seek out the joy those simple choices bring us. 

We do them so often and we’re overwhelmed with all the choices available to us, we fail to feel or even recognize the joy they bring us. 

Aside from the mundane choice, does joy affect our bigger, more important decisions in life? Of course, from the major we choose to study to the partner we get married to, joy is a big part of it, right? 

The issue is we tend to forget all about joy and our power to choose where joy is concerned. We go for something deeper, greater, something grandeur like fulfillment, impact, and true love. We forget that joy is an essential component of all of those aspects, from the work we do to the relationships we have. 

Would we work effectively and for a long time at a job we hate? Would we feel fulfilled and purposeful if we loathe the work we do? Would we feel loved and meaningful in a relationship that is draining and has no joy? 

Then what is the disconnection here? We often work too hard to chase our purpose, our fortune, our relationship. We start off with good intentions and we get too focused on the end goals. They require discipline and persistence and we risk burning out if we forget about joy. 

Joy nourishes us. While we are busy pursuing our passion or purpose or developing our relationships, we can be drained or feel pressured to not take any time away from our focus. But joy is different to passion or purpose. It is much simpler and gentler. It doesn’t require discipline or any effort to get anything right because it has no standard. The only requirement is your enjoyment. 

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The best thing about joy is not its simplicity, it is its variety. We can have many interests, many things we enjoy and life is abundant with opportunities for us to seek them out. A beautiful flower,  a fresh baked cookie, a warm towel, a sweet treat, etc. any of them can lift our mood during our more difficult time. 

Had a hard day at work? Struggling in your business? Had an argument with your loved one? How about a relaxing bath? A funny movie? A venting conversation with your friends? Any of them can give you energy to be refreshed and rejuvenated. 

We are all creative. We love creating something, even if it’s silly. Who cares if nobody thinks our drawing is good, our stories is captivating? If we enjoy making them, that is enough. If we create just for the joy of creation, we find ourselves rejuvenated and even surprised at innovative ideas coming up. 

This is especially important for creative business owners and artists. Creativity can feel whimsical and at the mercy of a muse, because it is directed toward a focus and under pressure to generate money. However, most creative people have multiple interests. If you’re having a writer block or painter block, why not take a break and do something you enjoy? Doodling, singing, cooking, etc?

Joy is essential to our lives. The best thing is that we don’t ever have to work hard at joy (otherwise, it wouldn’t be joyful). So spend less time frustrated, use those time for joy. Guilt-free.

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