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Lessons from my entrepreneurial journey

I shared often about my healing and spiritual journey but I haven’t talked about my entrepreneurial journey, mostly because I’m not a business coach and it’s not a topic relevant to my method or process.

But I’m going to share with you this personal insight because it is relevant for living authentically and being curious. Here’s what I learned from being curious in exploring the entrepreneurial route: I’m probably not made to be an entrepreneur. 

I got seduced by all the laptop lifestyle promise: work part time hours, play full time, travel the world, making banks, and just enjoy a great life. The most attractive thing about owning a business is I get to make my own rules. I thought it would be a perfect fit with my controlling streak and independence.

Then I’ve learned about all the things that need to be in place to build a sustainable business: marketing, solid offer, delivery, etc. Everything I do should have an intention to attract the right people, be on brand, build an audience, etc. I see the logic of it. I’ve tried those various approaches multiple times. I can’t determine which one was successful (meaning none was).

The biggest lesson I’ve learned through this venture into the business world is about myself.

I lack the discipline for it. I lack the discipline for such an intention. The lack of discipline is due to my heart isn’t in it.

I started the business out of joy, out of a simple wish to contribute a small part to help others reconnect with themselves so they can have inner peace through truth. I don’t want to constantly learn of new trends. I don’t want to learn branding, copywriting, designing, graphics, lead magnets, etc. all the things. I don’t want to think about what my offer is, how to serve people better, how to build a solid program (like should I include Facebook group? workshops? Slack?). I don’t want to think about any of that. 

So the beautiful thing about owning the business is the lack of rules. Thus, after trying out various ways and methods, I come to the conclusion that I’m not made to be an entrepreneur.

I believe in letting people know what they’re getting themselves into on the forefront is integrity. Thus, I spelled out everything on my website. I think what I have to offer is enough. No frills, no extra, no bonus.

So I stop 90% of what I’ve tried. No ads, no templates, no social media schedule. I post what I want to say, regardless if there’s a point. I don’t invest in business courses, programs, or coaching any more. 

The result? It feels great. I don’t have a laptop lifestyle. I don’t have a business that makes 6 or 7 figures. But I do have my time for myself. To watch movies. To read silly books. To spend time with friends and family. To do nothing.

My entrepreneurial journey is priceless and so valuable. It’s been teaching me so much about myself that I would never know otherwise. 
To learn that I’m stubborn to the core. To learn that I enjoy creation for following my joy, for lack of purpose. To learn what I like and don’t like. To learn what I enjoy doing and dread doing. And so much more.

Also, the most precious of all is the beautiful friendships I’ve made on the way.

So try it! Whatever you like, whatever you want to. Listen to your curiosity. Try it. Do it for fun.

If it doesn’t work out, you’ll still get so much out of it.

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Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

Spiritual life coach, doctor of pharmacy, your truth telling BFF. Guiding others to reconnect and live their truths with practical and intuitive approach. Eternal weak spot for dogs and Tarot.

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