Live in the Present

Being in the now seems to be a pretty simple concept. However, we are frequently taken out of the present moment. Our minds become overloaded with yesterday’s mind chatter, fractured memories, and anxieties and fears for the future; all the while, we overlook the beauty and simplicity of the present.

Learning to accept your past while embracing your present and future rather than dreading it can be a long but productive journey. So, here are some pointers on living in the present so that you can live life more holistically.

Take A Look At The Past For What It Was
Learning to accept your history takes time and effort, especially if it is painful or heartbreaking. Allowing yourself to recognize your past for what it was is the first step. Recognize your thoughts and feelings without passing judgment; there is no right or wrong way to do so.

It’s normal to want to curl up in a ball and forget everything you’ve learned and seen from your history as you uncover everything there is to see and learn. Remember that accepting your past isn’t about desiring to change or forget it; it’s about changing your perspective on it to live more freely.

The instant you start to accept the past, you’ll be on your way to healing. This is the beginning of letting go, moving on, and living in the moment more. Allow yourself time. If you need more support, especially for unresolved trauma, you might want to seek clinical therapy.

Pay Attention To Your Feelings
It is vital to let oneself feel openly and freely consistently. Your feelings are valid but you don’t have cling to them. Holding on to your feelings, especially negative ones, adds to your emotional distress and keeps you locked in the past. Remember to express how you’re feeling with someone close to you, whether a friend, family member, spouse, therapist or mentor.

You can also explore creative hobbies. Pick up your guitar and play some of your favorite tunes, paint a picture, or write a poem. Being creative is a fantastic and cathartic method to let go of whatever’s been bothering you. Furthermore, you might gain some insight from your creative works, after all, it’s a type of expressing a part of you.

Practice Mindfulness
Being attentive refers to being aware of your inner world (thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations, breathing) and your exterior world (your surroundings/environment, behaviors toward others) to live more at the moment.

Start a simple mindfulness exercise by concentrating exclusively on your breathing for four seconds in and four seconds out for roughly five minutes (you can do this for longer if you have more time). This is a simple and effective method for calming or stopping your mind’s chatter and relaxing your body. Above all, it’s a fantastic method to bring you back to the present moment.

At this moment, you are exactly who you need to be and where you need to be. Wishing or attempting to be someone or somewhere else adds to the resistance to the current present.
Allow yourself time to accept your history, feel openly and freely, and practice mindfulness—and know that by doing so, you’re not just living in the moment but also shaping your greatest possible future.

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Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

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