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Make time, not waste time

Relationships are undoubtedly important in our lives, if not the most important.

Relationships need time and your presence. There’s no other way around it.

When modern life has more technological advances and conveniences, everyone is online but isolated. Everything is connected but people are getting lonelier. Calls and messages can only nourish relationships so far. They can never replace heartfelt in person interactions.

So make the time. Put in the effort to meet up.

Meet your family. Your parents and/or children miss you. Meet your friends.

And be there. With the person or people in front of you, not with your phone.

You spend time and effort in your job. You invest in your business. And your job won’t be there for you when you’re sick. Your career won’t be there for you on your deathbed. Nobody can give you a ROI in relationships without your effort. So spend your time with your people.

Make the time.

Be there.

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Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

Spiritual life coach, doctor of pharmacy, your truth telling BFF. Guiding others to reconnect and live their truths with practical and intuitive approach. Eternal weak spot for dogs and Tarot.

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