The 3 Cs for deeper connection

In this fast-paced era, people don’t want to waste time and effort to develop a relationship yet almost everyone suffers from loneliness at one point in their life. We’re social beings and we need relationships.

First and foremost, for any relationship to work or develop further, sincerity is a requirement. Not all connection needs to be deep but they need to be genuine.

Here are the 3 Cs to get past the superficial level in any social connection.

1- Compassion

When we can hold space for the other to be themselves, we’re giving compassion and we’re developing our own compassionate capability. Let people be who they are. Your compassion is the foundation for your relationship to grow.

2- Communication

Nobody is a mind reader, not even a psychic. To grow a healthy relationship, you need to have clear communication. This is the bridge that humans connect their ideas, their minds, and their hearts. Speak your truth, respectfully, do your best to avoid misunderstanding. 

3- Cheer each other on
Don’t be a troll. Everyone can be a decent human being by merely being respectful towards others. You don’t have to agree with whatever others say or do but you can give them respect. If people do something good, cheer them on. If they’re bettering their lives, cheer them on, support them if you can.  With these 3 Cs, you can develop genuine and supportive relationships that you can either grow deeper or you can maintain as strong social relationships. Before you know it, you’re less lonely and you might make a few more friends 🙂

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Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

Spiritual life coach, doctor of pharmacy, your truth telling BFF. Guiding others to reconnect and live their truths with practical and intuitive approach. Eternal weak spot for dogs and Tarot.

2 thoughts on “The 3 Cs for deeper connection”

  1. Shelly Vaughn

    Thank you for your blog on the “3Cs”.
    I’m a 53yr, Taurus driven, spiritual entrepreneur, divorced, empty nest, empty everything I feel so alone some days, and on my new career path. I hate saying as a Taurus but I need accountability! I can read, tap, pull cards, but something is missing. Any words of advice I’m ready.
    Thank you, Shelly:)

    1. Tiffany

      Hi Shelly,
      Thank you for your reply! There are a few things I can glimpse from your comment:
      – You know what you want and you’re not afraid of taking big steps! Kudos to you!
      – You’re in a big transition period in life: divorced, new career, empty nest, etc.
      I don’t have specific advice for you but I’d suggest these questions for you to start with:
      – What do you want to be accountable for? You need accountability in what area?
      – Do you have a social group of friends? I have a feeling that “something is missing” might be connections with others. So I would start here. If you have a hobby you enjoy, please join a local meetup group. I see you have talent in reading cards, I’m 100% sure there are quite a few Facebook groups that you can join to discuss new techniques and making new friends. Being an entrepreneur can be very challenging, do you have any place for business support?

      I hope those have been helpful.
      P/S: I do host a small Facebook group for sensitive high achievers like you, to support you mindfully. You’re more than welcome to join 🙂 Here’s the link

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