True Love In Real Life

True love is often viewed as the Holy Grail of wishes, the dream come true, the fairy tale ending. Because it is rare, it’s almost considered to be an idealistic scenario instead of reality. The high divorce rate doesn’t help our rational brain to believe in true love. 

True love might sound like a nice notion and something we secretly wish for but don’t really believe it’s possible for us. For many of us that don’t grow up witnessing healthy loving relationship, the idea of true love is just that, an idea. 

I’m also not so lucky to grow up seeing an example of true love or at least a very balanced harmonious relationship. I’m a hopeless romantic that believes in true love but doubts its existence in my practical mind. 

The more I work with people, the more I recognize the importance of seeing an example. It’s like learning to do math, when we see an example how a problem gets solved, we can grasp the solution better and we can do it for ourselves too. True love is harder to find in real life and not all of us can see it in our circle, which fortifies our belief that true love is just an ideal even more. 

Luckily, I happen to know my good friend Lori Rodgers 2 years ago. She’s like my soul sister, very sweet and very wise and also open to share about her marriage. In the spur of the moment, I decided to interview her about her relationship with her husband to showcase about true love in real life. 

This interview is completely unscripted and unedited. For whoever that’s watching this recording, I hope you can see a real life proof of true love here. A love can get better, a chemistry that can get more exciting, an understanding that can be deepened, even after 20 plus years. 

As human being, we all long for deep connection but our skeptical side might want to keep safe and not let us get our hopes up, especially after many heartbreaks. I hope that this recording can be a beacon of hope for you, for anyone that needs an example to look up to (like me). 

True love is possible in real life, in our ordinary every day life. May we go forward with hope in love. 

If you want to connect with Lori, please join her Facebook group Illuminated Halo where she shares her intuitive card reading and sweet wisdoms. Join her here.

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Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

Spiritual life coach, doctor of pharmacy, your truth telling BFF. Guiding others to reconnect and live their truths with practical and intuitive approach. Eternal weak spot for dogs and Tarot.

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  1. Lami Dantata

    I really enjoyed the conversation between you and Lori, I learned a lot especially the 3 qualities a relationship needs safety, security and communication. The examples Lori shared in her marriage was ey opening. Thank you so much for sharing, very informative love you guys. ?❤❤❤❤

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