I work with high achievers
who are tired of
faking happiness in their life.

I work with high achievers
who are tired of
faking happiness in their life.

Tiffany Nguyen

You feel that you’re on the verge of change
but you’re so afraid of taking the leap.

You put up a front to not worry anyone
and pretend that everything is fine but you feel so empty inside.

All your emotions are swirled together, waiting to bubble up
and you can’t even make sense of them.

Lost And Looking For Direction

You’ve searched for solutions but nothing you find seems like it will eliminate the confusion.
Even worse the next steps you’ve found seem to be out of alignment with who you are as a person.
You could never do that no matter how lost you feel.

Through our laser-focused session, you will have an understanding of what’s happening and clarity of your next step.

Best of all, you’ll walk away feeling empowered to live your life in your authentic way.

Laser Focus Session

Are you:

Imagine having your fog of confusion lifted and feeling empowered to make the choices that are right for you.

You can have a life that looks good on the outside and feels good on the inside too.

You’re a driven high-achiever and
you want to take charge of your life.

You deserve a life that is both happy
and true to you.


Truth Bomb Hour is the laser-focus session
that helps you troubleshoot your current block
to move toward the life you dream of and deserve.

Truth Bomb Hour is the laser-focus session
that helps you troubleshoot your current block
to move toward the life you dream of and deserve.

What’s included:

Your situation is complex and unique to you and you need a personalized explanation and plan, not a general template of how-to.
I’m a practical spiritual life coach that cuts through the b.s and tells it to you straight. You don’t have time to waste with more convoluted or sugar-coated observations. With my analytical approach, a mix of intuition and spiritual training, I’ll guide you to find your answers from inside you, and get yourself unstuck in a straightforward and compassionate way.
It’s your time to take charge of your life and feel invigorated to breakthrough your current block.

Next step:

Investment: $197

Let’s get started!
Relief is just around the corner.


Tiffany is a kind and caring coach. She works from the heart with practical tools to help change your life for the better! After two calls with Tiffany, I felt the mystery and uncertainty behind meditation was lifted. I've noticed tangible results like more patience for my kids, more energy, less worry and calmer breathe, and even more acceptance of myself. Tiffany is a wise leader and mentor. She's an excellent listener and can show you what you might have been missing on your own in a safe and accepting environment. Thank you,Tiffany. Awareness is such a gift and you shine your light in the world so brightly!
Jennifer Garcia
Best Resume Coach
I have gained so much in just one talk with Tram. As an introvert, to find someone who truly listens and is able to articulate conflicts and emotions within you that even you yourself have trouble understanding, is a rarity.  She was able to help guide me through a difficult period in my career. In a world where we are always beating ourselves up, she brings to light truths within us that seem to escape us while we're busy wallowing around in muck. We have the capacity to do so many great things when armed with the right tools. Sometimes those tools are lying dormant inside you just waiting for a GOOD TALK to help bring them into focus.  I would definitely recommend a talking session with Tram. She is a little ball of energy that helps you redirect your own energy towards the path you seek.
Marytza Loiseau
Pharmacy Manager
Tiffany helped me for one hour to find peace and it felt very good. We went together through what gives me the more stress in my life right now. She said it will be like a conversation with a good friend and it was. All her ideas, feedback, tricks to stay grounded, were very helpful. She brought enthusiasm, logic and realism to the conversation. I felt more secure in moving on with my decisions after talking with Tiffany.
Emma Medina-Castrejon
Lifestyle Photographer
If I have to choose from scratch, I'd probably base my decision on Tiffany’s caring yet very direct style. When we just started interacting I was a mess: low self-esteem developed over years of difficult relationships with parents, amplified by recent break-up and academic issues. The effect of keeping dialogue and letting myself "see" what I was saying lead to understanding some of my modes of thinking not exactly belonging or aligning with who I actually was or who I actually was hoping to develop within myself. The external challenges, objective things that come my way may not have changed much, but my outlook on coming to meet those challenges has shifted towards more positive direction, and instead of feeling entirely lost I look at them with problem-solving outlook.
Sergiy Kolo
Software Developer
Tiffany implemented both spiritual and practical insights into our 30 minute clarity session, which I found to be a perfect balance! She was knowledgeable, insightful and professional. She made our session feel safe and comfortable. I highly recommend her services to anyone in need of achieving a breakthrough!
Karen Goodwin

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