3 misconceptions about type A women

Type A personality can have some bad reps, especially for women. Are they cold, aggressive, bossy, controlling? Not always! There's so much more below the surface of a strong woman.

Type A personality, a.k.a high achiever, a.k.a badass, gets a lot of praises and a lot of grunts, especially women.

If you’re one of them, you probably have some of these traits:

1) Leadership ability

2) Management skill

3) Caretaker role

4) Knowing what you want

5) Taking actions to achieve your goals

The good news is type A women are usually successful.

The bad news is they’re under a lot of stress and pressures, and frankly, they might be miserable despite their success.

But the worst part is they’re often misunderstood.

People tend only to see a put-together woman who is cold, bossy and maybe a tad controlling.

Usually, women put on this face, brave, strong, and ready to tackle anything to match others’ perception.

But really though, how accurate are these superficial conceptions about strong (typically type A) women?

Not much.

1) Type A only care about their goals and success.

Type A women can be ambitious, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a big heart. Financial security might be one of their goals, but it’s not their ONLY goal.

Most women want to make a positive impact on their families and society with what they do. Their goals are to take care of others, to better the community. Type A is merely an active and more aggressive approach.

2) Type A women are cold and insensitive.

On the contrary, they’re quite sensitive and feel deeply. They’re usually the caretaker in their families. Whether they’re single, married or single moms, they do all they can to take care of their loved ones.

They show their love by actions. Who’s going to wake up at 5 am and prepare dinner, pack the kids’ lunch and get ready for the day? Who’s going to work long hours to finish the job thoroughly and to ear the means to take care of her family?

They shoulder the caretaking responsibilities seriously. Life is not always easy. They usually have to sacrifice their time, their efforts and many other things to be considerate of others.

3) Type A women are bossy and controlling.

Well, with their leadership skill, they’re often boss ladies. Is there something wrong with being a boss?

No. Is there something wrong with being direct and express what they want? No.

Being bossy and controlling are different. Most type A women are considerate of others. They often spend a lot of time thinking before making a decision. Once they made a decision, they do their best to achieve their goals.

Telling others what to do sometimes is necessary when they’re the decision makers. How they go about it is different depending on an individual.

Being type A is the typical route for women to become successful. When they achieve a certain level of success, they find it empty, stressful and quite lonely. There are always more below the surface of a “strong” woman.

In fact, this holds true for most type A people. Women got the blunt end of the negative notions because they’re expected to be “soft” and emotional.

I, myself, am type A personality. I’m driven and go after my goals. But that’s not all who I am. We’re all complex human beings. A box of type A personality is merely a small aspect of us.

What other things that people say about type A are just not true?

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