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Why silence is essential after a breakup?

Most people has experienced breakup at least once in their lifetime. Maybe you’re going through one right now.

There are quite a few steps to move on after breakup. One of the important step is to have silent period of time.

Your emotions need time to be processed fully. Although painful and uncomfortable, it is necessary that we take time to process them instead of jumping right into the next thing to bury our hurt.

Emotions are personal. You’re the one feeling them. The support you have from others is a tremendous help but it cannot replace how you yourself face your own feelings and emotions.

Silence can be suffocating when you’re hurting but along your path of moving on, it is essential. There’s no use to distract yourself with things and other people. The more you avoid dealing with silence, the more the hurt can consume you.

In silence, you feel your emotions more prominently but in that vulnerable state, you’ll also find clarity and recognize your strength.

In silence, there’s no need for pretense, there’s no place to hide either. The emotions and reality crash into you.

In that vulnerable state, you can find the hidden truth. The truth of how much you’ve loved and how you’ve felt. The pain is almost like a proof of how courageous you were and how you’re living a human experience.

In the quiet space of your own company, you see your weakness but you can also see your silent strength and resilience.

And isn’t that a wonderful thing?

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Tiffany Nguyen

Tiffany Nguyen

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